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What’s the Cost Of Rustproofing Your Car?

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The spread of rust in your car could be likened to it contracting an incurable disease. Like a nasty illness, it can quickly spread all over your car and once a piece of your car has rusted, there’s no going back to how it was before in appearance or function. Thankfully there are some steps you can take to rustproof your car, and when you implement these steps will determine the cost of rustproofing your car.

  • Clean Your Car

Keeping your car clean is bound to prevent rust from setting in sooner than it should. If you live in a coastal area, washing your car with fresh water at least once a weak will prevent salt air from settling in and encouraging rust to develop. Having a clean surface will also assist you if and when you decide to permanently rustproof your car.

  • Remove Any Rust

Before you remove any rust, make sure you’re prepared for the job. Wear gloves and protective goggles to avoid any injuries. The next step will be to remove any rust using sandpaper – a medium grit should work best. Once you’ve done that, use mineral turpentine to pick up any loose flakes and remove grease and grime.

  • Paint The Spot

This can be tricky as you need to ensure you get an exact colour match. Try getting assistance from an automotive technician and once you’ve found the right colour, paint over the spot where the rust was and let it dry before using your car.

  • Add Rustproofing Fluid

Rustproofing fluid is easy to obtain and painting this liquid onto the vulnerable areas of your vehicle can be a reliable way to ensure that rust has less a chance of developing. It’s best to use a wire brush when applying this fluid.

  • One Step Rustproofing For Your Car

Many of the steps above will help you treat and prevent your car from developing rust. However, an easier solution in the long run would be to have your car professionally rustproofed. When look you at the cost of rustproofing your car, this also works out to be the more affordable option.

4×4 Rustproofing in Brisbane are the best rustproofing specialists in the industry. If you’ve noticed rust on your car, it’s best to get it fixed straight away, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today.