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Rustproofing isn't just for your 4x4 underbody

4x4Rustproofing > Blog > Automotive Rust Proofing > Rustproofing isn’t just for your 4×4 underbody

Did you know rust proofing your 4×4 doesn’t end with 4wd undercarriage barrier protection only? While the sandblasting effect does the most damage to the underside of your 4×4, rust proofing protection is still needed for other areas of your 4wd.

Here at 4×4 Rustproofing & Beach Wash before we even apply our protective underbody coat, we prime your underbody with a rust inhibitor for added protection. Then we go the extra mile and use a cavity wax to door cavities, bonnet bracings, tail gate and box sections. All those hard-to-reach places where your 4×4 collects sand and salt which speeds up the rusting process. This is a great idea for those enthusiasts who love camping and long days at the beach. Who want to protect more than just their 4wd underbody.

The 4wd engine bay is another area that sees a lot of sand, salt and road grime and needs additional protection. We apply a clear coat to the engine bay and surrounding engine compartments. Including, weld joins and seams and around the headlights, grill and supports. This anti-corrosive coat gives an extra layer of protection and makes cleaning post beach trip that much easier. These rust protection materials and applications exceed Australian industry standards AS2662.1 and AS2662.2.

One of the benefits of an electronic system is the anti-rust protection it offers the whole car. At 4×4 Rustproofing we use the number 1 Australian made electronic rustproofing system CouplerTec which is patented and used worldwide. CouplerTec provides the benefit of rust protection for the roof and upper body panels. These panels can’t be sprayed with a chemical barrier spray. It does this be putting a charge through the car to repel the offending sand and salt ions which cause rust in the first place. This is also a great solution for those who love going offroad in their 4wd. And suffer chips to their paintwork which can progress to nastier rust without swift treatment.
Here at 4×4 Rustproofing & Beach Wash we pride ourselves on our workmanship and quality materials to prolong the life of your 4wd. Give us a call today on 35540158