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No one knows 4WDs, beach wash and rustproofing better than 4×4 Rustproofing in Brisbane. With over 20 years of mechanical experience, we have the knowledge behind us to take due care of the 4×4 suspension and modifications you have made to your vehicle. We are experts in 4WD rust protection so your vehicle is in very capable hands.

Our range of services includes chemical and electronic rustproofing and beach washing. We also service boat trailers and camper trailers, giving our clients years of happy memories and exciting family holidays. Built by a family of 4×4 enthusiasts, you can trust that 4×4 Rustproofing understands how much you care for your investment and that we will treat your vehicle like how we care for our own.

The 4X4 Rustproofing brand does not end with providing superior vehicular defence against corrosion. We are an environmentally conscious business that also helps its clients understand their vehicles’ needs, how rust proofing works and how long rust proofing lasts. We use select chemicals and work with the local council to minimise our environmental impact. We also give professional recommendations to our clients based on their proximity to beach areas, vehicle use, the frequency of beach driving and their general lifestyle. Custom solutions and package deals are available, giving our clients cost-efficient services.

Australia may at times have a harsh climate and terrain but why should that hinder you from your love for the outdoors or from doing your job?

Let Brisbane’s true 4WD rust proofing pros help you protect your work and weekend toys.


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Rustproofing Services For Your 4X4

Rust proofing in Brisbane is especially important since our climate is notoriously known to cause corrosion and rust damage to our vehicles, boat trailers and camper trailers. With 4X4 Rustproofing, you can be absolutely certain of expert rust prevention and protection.

Experience counts

If you’re looking for a professional rust proofing company in Brisbane to take care of all your car rust proofing needs, then you need to trust in the experience we, at 4X4 Rustproofing, offer. With two decades of experience behind us, we’re poised to deliver the best service, with the latest technologies to ensure your 4X4 and other vehicles are completely rust-protected through our tried, tested and trusted rust proofing solutions.

Save your money

When you buy your 4X4 or any other vehicle, you surely want it to last through the climate and the years of wear and tear. 4X4 Rustproofing offers the one thing you need most – longevity. With our expert experience and superior products, we offer your car rust proofing in Brisbane the best chance against corrosion and rust. By choosing us to rust-proof your vehicle, including the underbody, you are choosing to save your money because you won’t need to keep on paying for repairs.

Environmentally conscious

There’s something special about 4X4 Rustproofing that most car rust proofing companies in Brisbane do not take into account, which is the effects chemical spraying has on the environment.

We use special chemicals and work closely with the local council to ensure that the sprays and chemicals we use to rust-proof your vehicle are not as impactful and harmful to the environment as other harsh chemicals are.

In short, when you come to us for rust proofing your vehicle, you’re choosing experience. You’re choosing to save your money. You’re choosing to be environmentally conscious.

Choose 4X4 Rustproofing in Brisbane to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. If you need more information about our services, or want to talk to us about our rust proofing services, contact us today for more information or to schedule your 4×4’s rust proofing appointment.

Make the smart choice, and get in touch with us today!