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Why Us?

We are qualified distributors and applicators of SPEEDLINER tub liner products. Speedliner  is proven to be 500% stronger, more durable, quieter and with a higher UV stability than the competition.

It has been on the market for over 20 years and has superior capabilities to expand once sprayed therefore providing top quality coverage and adhesion.

As a small family owned business we take pride in our work and rely on your recommendations and experiences with us, you can trust in the fact we provide a top quality service using superior products and we stand by the work we produce for our customers.

Here at 4×4 Rustproofing we are very selective about only using top quality products for all of our services. Speedliner tubliners stood out to us for this reason, unlike other products it is a 2 step application with primer layer for both added protection, strength and adhesion.

Why Spray-On Liner Instead Of Plastic?

The problem with plastic liners is that they allows water, dirt and other debris to be trapped between the plastic liner and tray, allowing rust to set in and develop without any indication until it is too late. Additionally, plastic liners are prone to cracking with heavy weights and exposure to sun and other outdoor elements. Making them impractical for both ladies and  tradies with their toolboxes and outdoor lifestyles. Our liners are user friendly with the right amount of slip and grip to help keep your cargo safely in place during transit.

There is also no drilling/instillation required keeping your tray and body in new condition. Typical plastic drop-in liners require drilling holes in the bed to secure the liner to the truck. Over time liners can vibrate loose, causing more cosmetic imperfections due to poor installation. Drop-ins can’t be repaired, and devalue a car at point of sale due to dealers understanding of the rust and breakdown occuring under the liner.

Plastic liners produce static electricity creating dangers when refueling and transporting flammables containers. Likewise this static electricity can also cause “motion sickness” for people sensitive to this ailment and increase the level of discomfort for people who deal with this issue on a daily basis.

Why Speedliner

Speedliner uses far exceed tub liners and the durability requirements, having applications used for mining equipment, military, boat liners, truck bed liners and horse float floor.

Other liner products will normally begin “chalking up” and “fading out” after just 6 months of exposure to the sun’s Ultra-Violet (UV) rays. SPEEDLINER™ has opted to put their products under extensive independent lab tests to prove their superior capabilites.

These results conducted under intense UV ray conditions show beyond a doubt that their extensive chemistry conquers early fading. Additionally this independent testing has produced figures and proof demonstrating superior  tensile resistance, U.V stability and color fast, tear resistance and abrasion resistance results. No other company has put their products to the test in independent, non biased trials. Please ask us for more information.

Used in the tub liner industry for over 20 years, SPEEDLINER™ PRIMER 450™ has out performed all other ute tub liner primers on the market. Without a good adhesion, the quality of the tub liner product used is void and the result will not be as expected. SPEEDLINER™ PRIMER 450™ will bond to any painted metal, wood, plastic and concrete surfaces and can be sprayed, brushed or dipped for best results.

  • 500% STRONGER