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It is important to protect your valuable assets the correct way. Before making a decision, we encourage you to read our FAQ's.

For extremely heavy duty beach users we would recommend both systems for maximum protection but to determine which is the best solution for you please call us so we can assess your 4×4 use, frequency of beach driving, promixity to beach areas and general lifestyle of the car. Our professionals will advise and tailor the best rustproofing solution for you and your lifestyle.

CouplerTec is a patented system with a proven record of performance unlike other systems. It works by negative electrostatic surface charge on the metal surface of the protected structure. The (negative) oxygen atom is repelled by the negative electrostatic surface charge. This is a proven and tested system unlike others on the market.

CouplerTec has a 10 year warranty, however, with due care, the electronic rustproofing system’s life is indefinite, the electronics are solid state (no moving parts) and the electronic board is totally encapsulated in an epoxy resin that makes it completely sealed.

Yes once a year CouplerTec must be checked by an authorised dealer to ensure the system is working. We provide this service free of charge, and all repairs that are covered by warranty. This ensures you are getting the best deal and have a professional (our 4×4 enthusiast owner) giving you advice and information regarding the state of your underbody

No, CouplerTec complies with Australian Standards for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC AS/NZS 425.1) and does not interfere with any onboard computers or devices. The system also draws less power from the battery than your dashboard clock. Approx 20 – 40mA

To produce best results we will not use chemical rustproofing over existing rust past surface level eg. If it is starting to flake we will recommend and can organise for customer to have the rust sandblasted. If the rust requires extensive removal we will give advice to this effect. This ensures rust does not continue to corrode underneath the chemical spray.

CouplerTec recommends that in most cases – except very extensive rust presence CouplerTec will noticeably slow the corrosion rate.

Our prices are dependant on the size of the car and the condition eg. Is there pre-existing rust and damage to the underbody. We have 2 pad, 4 pad and 6 pad Coupler-Tec system which are dependent on car size and amount of beach use

We accept cash and provide eftpos facilities.

All services must be paid on the day.

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