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What is Electronic Rust Prevention?

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Do you live along the coast or in a hotter area of Australia? Then you’ll be aware that rust is constant threat to your vehicle. Having your car exposed to damp, salty air deposits an invisible layer of salt on your car, which slowly and subtly causes rust to develop. A similar reaction happens when your car is exposed to high temperatures. A commonly recommended treatment and preventative measure for this is Electronic Rust Prevention, but what is this and does it work?


Rust is a naturally occurring chemical by-product occurring when an unprotected iron is exposed to oxygens and loses electrons, also giving it electrical properties.

An Electronic Rust Prevention device is a form of cathodic protection that is installed inside the vehicle, and it will emit a negative charge the entire time it’s in action, constantly replacing electrons being shed and slowing down the process of rust formation. This charge is usually pulled from the car’s battery but does not place a significant strain on it.


When you apply an Electronic Rust Prevention device to your car, you’ll enjoy protection for your entire vehicle both inside and outside, covering many of the hidden nooks and crannies that convention treatments often fail to reach, and without having to drill any holes in your chassis, reconfigure any electronics or remove any headlights. You can even easily switch it from one car to another should you need to.

It promises to provide protection as long as the car is running. Many people find the odour and stains left by chemical anti-rust treatments to be unpleasant, and electronic rust prevention has no smell while also leaving no trace of its presence. This also means it has no negative impact on the environment.

A more unusual advantage that it provides is that it reduces electronic shock between you and your vehicle and can also reduce motion sickness and static electricity.

There’s no reason why living a laid back, coastal lifestyle should have to impact your transportation. If you’re looking for a low maintenance solution to keep your car looking good and performing well, then Electronic Rust Prevention is well worth exploring, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors or on the road for work.

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