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Fish oil as Rustproofing? Why not?

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There are many DIY ideas out there for rust prevention and rust protectant purposes on your 4×4. Not all of these are created equal and provide any sort of actual rustproofing or physical protectant barrier. Some are quite harmless albiet expensive, for example waterbased rustproofing; offered by many dealerships at point of vehicle purchase. Likewise many automotive shops offer these spray can promises over the counter. These waterbased rustproofing sprays last only a few trips up the beach and usually start peeling off when given a good underbody wash to remove sand and salt after a 4wd trip away.

Lanolin sprays and fish oil products are an age old rust prevention method based on the theory ‘have you ever seen a rusty fish?’ Great in theory, however in reality these products do not ever dry and remain in a sticky compound state which adheres all sand, salt and road grime to the underbody of your 4×4. Once this debris is firmly stuck to the underside of the 4wd they permeate their way through the lanolin or fish oil to sit against your 4wd underbody and start to eat away at your metalwork.

We remove alot of these products from our customers cars. They have tried to provide best protection within their DIY capabilities and return from the beach in a state of panic at the sandy mess stuck to their car underbody and suspension. The process of removing these oil based products involves hours of labour using a high pressure hot water gurney and introducing degreasers and quick break down cleaning chemicals to strip the 4×4 underbody and return it to the clean state it once was.

This is when we then start our Rust Proofing processes with quality bitumen based products using industrial spraying equipment and rust preventing and rust converting chemicals. Your 4wd is a lifestyle investment designed to provide yourself and your family with years of fun and memories. Rust proofing is an important part of caring for your vehicle, extending it’s lifespan and protecting resale value.