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Does electronic rustproofing interfere with your car’s on-board computers?

4x4Rustproofing > Blog > Uncategorized > Does electronic rustproofing interfere with your car’s on-board computers?

Being in the business of rustproofing cars, we hear all sorts of questions from concerned car owners still on the fence about electronic rustproofing. Many find it hard to believe that a tiny electronic device affixed underneath their hood is capable of preventing rust from permanently forming, while others are concerned that it will damage their cars in some way. The most common question we get asked is whether or not electronic rustproofing can interfere with a car’s on-board computer. Keep reading to find out the answer.


Electronic rustproofing does not impact a car’s on-board computer in any way, and the reason for this is that it has undergone rigorous CISPR25 Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard classification testing, as established by international organisations the Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques (CISPR) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Both organisations are devoted to creating and upholding international standards that all impacted businesses are required to follow. Part of their responsibilities is to vehicle test possible products for radio disturbance characteristics for the protection of receivers used in on-board vehicles.


The CISPR25 Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard requirement is used to show that a receiver will perform well when placed near an on-board computer in a vehicle. To have passed this requirement means that you can prove that your product will not hurt or hamper anything when being used. It is in the best interest of everyone involves ensuring that a device is compatible to cars, because a failure to be so can create problems with the perception of quality of the car brand, even negatively impacting sales


If electronic rustproofing can’t damage your car’s on-board computer, then what can? Believe it or not, simply jumpstarting your car incorrectly when you have a flat battery can cause massive damage to this part of your vehicle. If done incorrectly, your jumper leads can short circuit your on-board computer, and it only takes seconds for damage to occur, despite most cars being outfitted with an overvoltage protector device. To prevent this, don’t ever attempt to jump start your car with your keys in the ignition and connect positive to positive leads and negative to negative. When in doubt, call for help instead of potentially causing more damage.

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