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Interior Sand Debulk

Interior Sand Debulk

After Beach Interior Sand Clean (Half hour debulk). Brisbane beaches are the highlight of summer but you can spend hours cleaning your 4wd after the beach and still have sand everywhere. There are nooks and crannys and sand in carpets that a regular vacuum won’t reach – with our new industrial vacuum we get even the sand you cant see, so let us do it for you. We now offer an industrial sand debulking vaccum service. A microfibrecloth to dust down your dash, door surfaces and console and a half hour continuous industrial vacuum of your seats, floor mats, carpet, boot and all those hard to reach places. Leaving your 4wd looking in its former glory; pre-beach and smelling amazing.

Please note this is not a detailing service, it is an industrial sand removal service focused at after beach care for your 4×4 – our specialty.

Enjoy your beach days and family holidays without the hassle and the clean up.

Contact us today for your after beach wash and clean services.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Our Sand Debulking Service

Heading to Brisbane’s many beaches is undoubtedly a highlight for many people. As you travel back home though, you take some of that beach spirit with you and more often than not, lots of sand too!

We all know how uncomfortable it can be when the sand gets into your clothes, towels and other less comfortable places. Tiny particles of sand tend to get into every nook and cranny and even places not visible to the human eye, and while you can shower it off, getting it into your car not only makes a mess but can hamper its internal mechanisms. Sure, you can try several DIY efforts like vacuum cleaning, but you’ll probably find there’s still plenty of sand lurking in your 4×4.

Don’t give up though. 4X4 Rustproofing offers a specialised 30-minute sand debulking service that will restore your 4×4’s pristine interior and keep it smelling fresh. This industrial service involves using specialised micro-fibre cloth to dust away sand from the following areas:

  • Dashboard
  • Console
  • Door surfaces
  • Any difficult to reach spaces

Now you can head off to the beach, without worrying about that tedious task of attempting to get rid of the sand when you get home. We can take care of this for you. Contact us today to find out more!