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4x4 Rustproofing and Beach Wash

Brisbane’s Unparalleled Electronic Rustproofing & Protection

Why spend thousands of dollars on rust removal or vehicle repair when you can prevent corrosion and extend your auto’s life?

4×4 Rustproofing provides superior electronic rustproofing in Brisbane. For years, we’ve worked closely with leading rustproofing companies to find the best rustproofing products and techniques available.

Today, we are authorised dealers and fitters of CouplerTec electronic rustproofing systems. This technology is applicable both for new and used cars and comes with a 10-year warranty (conditional to date of vehicle manufacture and no pre-existing rust damage).

How is our electronic rust proof system superior?

CouplerTec exports their products worldwide, their products have stood the test of time and have been proven to emit enough charge to effectively offer superior rust prevention.

CouplerTec system works by a negative electrostatic surface charge on the metal surface of the protected structure. The (negative) oxygen atom is repelled by the negative electrostatic surface charge, resulting in a vehicle protected inside and out.

A great benefit for 4×4 enthusiasts and fleet owners is that the technology keeps the paintwork looking new for longer, and prevents the spread of small paint chips and scratches. Businesses can use their fleet as usual and keep them looking smart, while 4×4 enthusiasts may not need a paint job for every 4×4 expo.

This method is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly since it does not use conventional chemicals and does not require reapplication.

Custom Solutions

We offer 2, 4 and 6 pad CouplerTec system fitments, allowing you to determine which is the best solution for you. Please call us so we can assess your 4×4 use, frequency of beach driving, proximity to beach areas and general use of the car.

Package deals and tailored solutions are available on our products, depending on your 4×4 use and experience.

As 4×4 enthusiasts ourselves, we understand your needs. Contact us today for superior electronic rust protection in Brisbane.

4x4 Rustproofing and Beach Wash