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4x4 Rustproofing and Beach Wash

Your Ultimate Chemical Protection Against Rust

At 4X4 Rustproofing, we offer a range of services to protect your vehicle, boat trailer and camper trailer from Brisbane’s climatic elements that are known to cause corrosion on your vehicle.

This is how our chemical rustproofing works:

The underbody of your 4X4 or car is one of the key points of entry in which corrosion occurs. For this reason, we begin by completely cleaning your vehicle by utilising a high-pressure steam/heat gurney to eradicate all sand, salt, and road debris so they do not become trapped under the rustproofing sealant. Once your underbody is clean and dry we apply a rust conqueror to existing surface rust to stop it in its tracks and prolong and prevent any rust formation. We will advise you if existing rust is more extensive than the surface and requires additional treatment. Lastly, we use a bitumen based sealant spray to seal the underbody. These chemicals act as an active participant in your fight to keep your car well maintained and free of dreaded rust.

Additionally to ensure that your chassis is protected we add a wax based product to chassis and cross member. This deters any elements from building up and penetrating the metal inside your structural support.

We can tailor chemical rustproofing to your needs and for an additional fee, we will use a wax product to inner door panels, engine, bonnet, tailgate and more. Just speak to our staff for expert advice and information.

We do not use waterbased products due to their tendency to last only a few months before requiring touch-ups and ongoing maintenance.

Please note the cleaning of the vehicle is a 1hour beach wash if your vehicle is full of mud or you have used products such as fisholene this will require extensive cleaning and will be charged out hourly, we will advise you of this.

We also know that every vehicle needs tailored services according to the proximity of the vehicle to the beach as well as the lifestyle of the car and driver, which means we offer bespoke chemical rustproofing with many solutions to ensure maximum protection. We also offer touch-ups and resprays for our extreme 4×4 drivers who give their underbody a lot of knocks and scrapes.

The total process takes up to two days during which time you can feel safe to leave your vehicle on our secure locked up premises. We advise no beach or 4×4 driving for 3 weeks post chemical rustproofing to allow chemicals to cure.
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Why Chemical Rustproofing?

One of our services includes chemical rustproofing, which is one of the most essential products your car needs in its fight against rust and other damaging effects. For this reason, we have developed one of the best, advanced chemical solutions for your vehicle.

With our twenty years’ experience in this business and our enthusiasm for 4X4s as well as our keen understanding of our country’s climate, we know that having a vehicle that can withstand the elements, the tough terrain and the beach rides, is of utmost importance.

Added to this, we know that most of our customers in Brisbane who seek chemical rustproofing want to be certain that the chemicals we use will not contribute to the pollution of our cities and environment. We care about the environment and want to give you peace of mind, knowing that when you bring your car in for a chemical rustproofing, you have a clear conscience about the impact your rust protection will have on the environment.

Furthermore, we have a very close and active relationship with the local council so that we can ensure all the chemicals we use are in accordance with city regulations and procedures. In this way, we are minimising the risk for chemical damage to the environment, which is something that has pleased our customers immensely.


Ultimate Chemical Protection