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Car Wash Services Brisbane

Beach Wash Service Brisbane

Australia’s environmental and climatic conditions promote rust in metalwork. Everything from the salt, sand, air and moisture can corrode your 4×4, boat trailer and camper trailer. Prevent the aggregation of these corrosive elements in your car’s underbody with our beach washing service in Brisbane.

Brisbane’s Professional Underbody Car Washers

We offer an after beach wash service where we put your car up on a hoist and clean your car’s underbody with high-pressure hot water and steam to ensure all built up grease, grime, salt and sand is removed.

We’ve worked with leading rustproofing companies, learning along the way the best techniques and products for superior rustproofing solutions. We’ve learned that for beach washing, hot water and steam is the only way to effectively remove salt via a dissolving process.

We tailor these cleans and introduce chemicals as needed to properly clean your vehicle,eg. after 4×4 use on red dirt and mud. As an environmentally conscious business, the products we use were hand-picked for their minimal environmental impact. We also work with the local council to protect our air, waterways and terrain.

Complete Rust Defence

With our mission to prevent corrosion and extend a car’s life expectancy, we offer complete rust defence solutions in Brisbane. We also offer engine bay degreasing for customers and mechanical companies alike. Our beach wash service can be combined with our chemical or electronic rust proofing service, to give your car maximum rust protection. Professional advice is available as well for the most suitable rustproofing treatment depending on your vehicle use, proximity to the beach areas and frequency of beach driving.

As a family of 4×4 enthusiasts, we understand your need for truly reliable rustproofing specialists. We help our clients extend the life of their investment, ensuring more family trips and happy memories.

Contact us today for a specialist underbody car wash and rustproofing services.

Beach Wash Service Brisbane