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Safe 4wd tips

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If you are an unexperienced 4wder there are plenty of one day courses here in Brisbane to learn, refresh or brush up on safety skills to ensure a safe and happy 4×4 outting or holiday. These courses focus on trip planning, correct ways to drive over obstacles, negotiating steep hills and effective safety features on newer vehicles. They can focus on beach and sand 4wd-ing or recreational sand, bush and advanced recovery. Likewise joining one of our many 4×4 clubs around Brisbane and Sunshine Coast is a great way to meet like-minded people and go on group outtings where you can take advantage of the support and advice of experienced group members.

Prep work is essential when planning a 4wd trip, planning your safest route and ensuring weather has been calm enough that the 4wd tracks won’t be too muddied or flooded. Checking tide times so you are not trying to pass beach tracks at high tide. Making sure your car is equipped with GPS or an up-to-date map, recovery tracks, winch or a good rope for towing. Likewise enough water and food in case you do get stuck for a prolonged period with no mobile reception. Going with a friend or letting someone know where you are planning your 4×4 route is a great idea as well.

Being aware of your skill level is essential, attempting to pass some rocky roads or short beach terrains with little to no experience is where people get stuck, 4×4’s get broken, bogged or flooded and people get injured. Knowing your vehicle and it’s safety limits are critical; knowing how to engage high and low 4WD, including locking hubs, safe speeds and when and where these features are best used for the track you are driving. Knowing how to drive to the conditions can save alot of accidents and heartache, adjusting tyre pressure to suit the terrain and enjoying the drive – this is not a race.

Don’t forget the essentials of car care, making sure your servicing is up to date and tyres, electricals and accessories are in good working condition. Don’t confuse your ambition with your capabilities. Always wear a seatbelt and enjoy the journey.

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